Screen_Shot_2015-02-26_at_7.54.59_PMWith only 6 days to the much anticipated Municipal Elections, political parties are making their last minute rounds with the electorate and in Orange Walk Town it is no exception. Today the PUP slate was joined by Party Leader, Honorable Francis Fonseca as they visited with the people on their trails in the core of Town.


Our newsteam capitalized on the opportunity and posed questions to the Party Leader as it pertains to education, the elections and machinery. According to Fonseca, the plan the People’s United Party is offering to its people in all municipalities compliments that of the quality of candidates that are running in the PUP slates.

Honorable Francis Fonseca  – Party Leader, PUP

“We are feeling good, I think all across the country our candidates are working very very hard, we think we are offering the people of Belize very good quality candidates at the Mayoral level and also at the councilor candidates level and so the challenge is to make sure that our people come out on election day on March 4th to support the People’s United Party and we think that across the country we are offering the people good plans for each municipality ad I think what we are hearing form people across the country is that they want to send a message to the UDP government that they are tired of the corruption, they are tired of the victimization, they are tired of the arrogance and the incompetence of this UDP government and they are also as you know very well here in Orange Walk they are tired of the vindictiveness and they punish the people of Orange Walk town because the people voted for a PUP town council despite that Mayor Bernard and his councilors have worked very hard and have done very impressive work on behalf of the people of Orange Walk town and so they deserve another term in office and I have no doubt that Orange Walk will once again deliver a PUP victory for the residence of Orange Walk under the leadership of Mayor Bernard so I am very, very happy to be here in Orange Walk Town the safest part of the country for the People’s United Party in Orange Walk and I am always happy to join the Honorable John Briceno, the Honorable Jose Mai and the other representatives here in Orange Walk and of course as I said Mayor Bernard and his team of councilor, they have done a lot of work but there is a lot of more work to do and I have no doubt that the people of Orange Walk will give them another opportunity to work for them.”

The team also had the support from Area Representative John Briceno and Orange Walk South Standard Bearer Abelardo Mai.

And well we could not go on without asking Fonseca about his sentiments towards the Election Day results, despite being cash strapped as a Party.  Honorable Fonseca says he is trusting in the confidence of the people to vote for meaningful change for the country.

Honorable Francis Fonseca  – Party Leader, PUP

“I don’t think money is the only factor yes it is important and you know the UDP will spend a lot of money we can’t match their money but we have to make up with that with hard work which is what our teams have been doing across the country we have to make up for that with a strong message and visiting people and talking to them about the issues facing their communities and facing the country and I think that is what is getting the attention of the voters across the country, yes we will have to find money to fight on election day but at the end of the day I think the Belizean people understand that these elections are important and it has to be the first opportunity for us to send the message to the UDP government that we are not happy with the direction of the country so I think the change will come in the general elections but that change has already started in 2012  when we elected Mayor Bernard and the PUP town council here we think that change will continue here in Orange Walk and spread to other municipalities in 2015 and then continue on into the general elections.”

And if you are a voter and still “on the fence” and undecided about exercising your right to vote, Fonseca says come March 4th the people will stand up for Belize and denounce the corruption and modus operandi of the United Democratic Party.

Honorable Francis Fonseca  – Party Leader, PUP

“You know you have an excellent team, you have had an excellent Mayor and excellent councilors working hard despite the challenges of a central government that has tried to punish Orange Walk that has failed to support the work of the Town Council and people can’t go out and reward the central government for that kind of behavior, people have to stand up for that and say clearly listen we do not tolerate that kind of disrespect to our Orange Walk Tow we will continue to stand with our Mayor and with our councilors and this is not time for us to turn back we need to keep moving forward with the PUP and as I said there is a mode of change in the country and that change I believe will start on March 4th and will carry us forward into the general elections so this is no time to be turning back we have to keep fighting, we have to keep working together, we have to keep making sure that we have to be standing up together for Belize and sending a very clear message for the UDP that we have had enough of the corruption, enough of the arrogance, enough of the victimization and the vindictiveness and I think this March 4th election provide the people with an opportunity to send that message loud and clear.”

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