Screen_Shot_2015-02-27_at_8.25.32_PMOn Saturday February 21st passengers flying in and out of the Philip Goldson International Airport were stuck at the airport since air traffic controllers carried out a sick out. The air traffic controllers were dissatisfied with working conditions among other issues. Now, while the problem has apparently been solved another story that came out of the sick out is that on the same day Prime Minister Dean Barrow was scheduled to fly back into the country.


On the afternoon of the sick out a picture of a plane allegedly belonging to ASR was posted all over the social media. Allegations were that the private jet flew in the Prime Minister. Now, with the letters ASR imprinted on the plane comments on the social media went wild. So, did the Prime Minister arrive in the country on a private plane belonging to ASR? According to Mac McLachlan, Vice President of International Relations for ASR Group, that is total nonsense.

Mac McLachlan - Vice President of International Relations for ASR Group

“Inconstantly amazed that some lengths that some people would go to see division and circulating on Facebook this week a small jet aero plane with an ASR logo superimposed on the picture to try and indicate that we were flying the Prime Minister all over the place.”

Carmelita Perez – Reporter

“Did ASR fly the Prime Minister?”

Mac McLachlan - Vice President of International Relations for ASR Group

“Absolutely not and the fact is that why would anybody do that what is the point when we are trying to move forward in a progressive way to try and make that sort of indication and if anybody look carefully at that plane they would see it is not the logo but the prefix of the plane is not a US plane it starts with the wrong letter and the point is that it doesn’t matter and this is a general message to the political parties as well as to, please support the industry don’t support factions within it, don’t support division within it try to support the industry because that is what we as an industry trying to do we trying to work together to find solutions to move the process forward.”

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