In what the company is calling quote, “a further demonstration of ASR/BSI’s commitment to improving the industry”, the company announced the purchase and installation of a forty ton dumping table at the factory. According to officials, the equipment will allow for eighty percent of the cane being discharged by tilting instead of lifting. ASR President elaborated on the impact of the new equipment on production.


Screen_Shot_2015-03-06_at_8.00.12_PMCelestino Ruiz– ASR


“Over this week we were able to approve an investment to the mill on a new dumping table, truck dumper, to alleviate some of the concerns during our outreach that we came across from the cane growers. It will provide higher unloading capacity that will benefit us from the standpoint of the testing that is done from a quality perspective because we were limited. We were limited by truck configurations, by the different offloading systems that we had, and this was a way to ease and provide flexibility to the cane-grower from a truck configuration standpoint and offloading standpoint. So it’s a good faith gesture from our part to show that our aspirations for Belize of growth for the future continue, and that we hope at the end of the STP we’re all engaged together moving this industry forward.”


The dumping table will be installed at the East Cane Carrier for the 2016 sugar cane crop. It is worth about one million dollars.

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