Are you a Digicell customer and are wondering why when making a 911 emergency call to the Orange Walk Police Station your call is directed to the San Pedro Police Formation? Then we can tell you that you, as many other Digicell customers, have experienced a mix up in the lines. If you are a Digicell user and call 911 to make a report at the Orange Walk Police Station then more than likely your call will be directed to the San Pedro Police Station. But according to Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Police Formation, the same cannot be said for Smart customers as all 911 calls made to the department are received and not directed to another station as is the situation with Digcell users. According Superintendent Dennis Arnold, they have always had the problem and he feels people are being cheated with the time lost in relaying information from station to station.



SUPT. Dennis Arnold – officer Commanding, OW Police

“We had always gone to the telephone company and ask them if they can correct that problem, I don’t know why but I guess you have to interview the telephone company but the SMART call comes straight to the police station and the Digi cell one comes to San Pedro, I don’t know if it is a cross wire or whatever, I believe that people have been cheated if there is an emergency and the call have to go to San Pedro precious time loss.”

The authorities are pleading to the telecommunication company to review and remedy this communications glitch.

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