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Screen_Shot_2015-03-11_at_8.08.48_PMThe students at Muffles College High School have much to celebrate after an outstanding performance at the annual Belize Catholic Secondary Schools Science Fair. The event is held every two years and this year it was held last week at Saint Catherine’s Academy. Muffles College students have been taking part in the fair from the first year and for 2015 the high school made its usual appearance and students walked away with four prizes.

The competition is divided into three categories including lower division made up of first and second forms students, the upper division comprised of groups of third and fourth form students and the third category is the accumulation of points and the school that scores the highest wins the overall competition.  Students at Muffles won first and second place in the lower division and second in the upper division. Their accumulated points also won them the first place in the last category. Head of the Science Department Carlo Benavidez says he is proud.

Carlo Benavidez – Head of Science Department

“We’re very proud of that accomplishment and we are very proud of the hard work of our students and teachers that have put in this competition.”

Benavidez says the students follow the scientific method to solve problems. The students come up with a problem, develop a hypothesis and through experiments prove their hypothesis right or wrong. We spoke with the four participating groups, starting with the first place winners in the lower division who ventured into sugar cane varieties.


Nayomi Novelo – Second Form

“The group notices that cane farmers they spent a lot of money on sugar cane crops that do are not rich in sucrose so what we did we found out which sugar cane contains he right amount of sucrose, fiber content and fermentable sugars.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“So which variety is that?”


Nayomi Novelo – Second Form

“Well as you can see here the variety with the highest amount of sugars is the BBC8240.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“So what is your conclusion and recommendation?”

Nayomi Novelo – Second Form

“The recommendation depends on the environmental conditions but the one with the highest is the BBC8240.”


Crystal Marin – second place/first formers

“We were extracting capcasin in pepper and we are trying to find what or which pepper has the highest amount of capcasin and which one has the less and the benefits of what peppers has.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Which one has the highest and what are the benefits?”

Crystal Marin – second place/first formers

“The highest was the red habanero peppers and the lowest was the anajin peppers and the benefits are that you know we have a big industry here in Belize known as the Marie Sharp, people might say pepper were only for just eating but it I more than that but the benefits are that if you eat peppers it reduces the chances of getting Prostate Cancer and you can rub the cream to release your pain faster and it make your metabolism to work faster than it is.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter

“So would you recommend then that people start eating more peppers?”

Crystal Marin– second place/first formers

“Yes because we get fresh peppers and we have a large company that we can get peppers from.”

Bosco Davila/ Jailene Castillo, second place upper division

“Farmers tend to use a lot of chemical fertilizers which basically provide a lot of negative effects to the environment so we decided to try out six experiments to compare organic and inorganic fertilizers, so we try it out with different tomatoes seeds and using all types of chemical fertilizers but at the end what we got is that jatropha seeds takes fertilizer was the best fertilizer to use when planting tomatoes seeds.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Why is that?”

Bosco Davila/ Jailene Castillo, second place upper division

Because Jatropha has a high NPK content and what it does it helps with the growth of the tomatoes itself.”

Johan Carballo– Fourth Form

“In summary our project is to compare renewable and none renewable fuels, we want to see which one is the most cleanest and the most effective one and the one which is more safer for our planet earth and in our conclusion we found out that gas heat has the highest amount of energy but it was very bad for the environment and that is because our biodiesel was very impure but if it was very pure that would have very much heat energy and effective as others and the cleanest flames. If Belize would start investing in more biodiesel because it is an alternative choice then we would have over the years the environment would be much better right now.”

The event has left these students with some good memories as it was the first time that some of them took part in a competition of this caliber. Their teacher says that over the years, he has seen great improvement in the quality of the work presented at the competition.

Nayomi Novelo– Second Form

“It was a good experience and got exposed to the judges and it was good because when we conducted the experiment we went to the cane fields and it was a good experience to be in a cane farmer’s shoe.”

Crystal Marin– second place/first formers

“We are firs formers and this is the first time we are doing it and it was a big success for us.”

Bosco Davila/ Jailene Castillo, second place upper division

“The experience itself was very excited and it was once in a lifetime because we got to learn about different projects that were being presented by other schools.”

Carlo Benavidez– Head of Science Department

“We’ve seen that the students are really receptive in terms of completing their project and preparing for the presentation and delivering of presentation as well.”

The event is sponsored by the Belize Catholic Association of Principals of Secondary Schools.

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