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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
  • Severe Weather Conditions Causes Minor Damages In North

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

The National executive of the People’s United Party including the parliamentary caucus and standard bearers met today to discuss the municipal elections said Party Leader Francis Fonseca in a short press briefing that followed after. The meeting took about four hours at Independence Hall to conclude and while Fonseca proceeded to speak on the party’s intention to continue its reform, the media did not waste time to ask the Party Leader for his reaction to the accusations made against him by John Briceno in the recording that has everyone talking. Our colleagues at KREM News provided us with the audio to that interview and this is what the PUP party leader responded.

Honorable Francis Fonseca- Leader of the Opposition

“We have discussed it. We are dealing with it in that way. As I said from the very beginning we will deal with it in a very responsible way, in a brotherly way, and we believe we are on the way to resolving whatever differences exist among us. What we are focused on, as you have heard very clearly today, is moving forward…moving forward united in working together for the good of the people of this country people are expecting a lot from the P.U.P the results from the Municipal Elections show very clearly that we have a lot of work to do I understand that as the leader we are all in the process of self-examination and we are going to fix it and I want to say to all our supporters out there all the Belizean people, we know that especially our supporters they feel demoralize, they feel down and we are saying to them that the leadership of your party today has met and we understand the challenges and problems that exist in our party and we are going to fix those problems and challenges and we are going to move forward and we believe you will see a much more vibrant and dynamic and united Peoples United Party.”


“Sir but how do you move forward in unity when the former leader of the party and former deputy prime minister has said that basically the government was being one clarafacious kleptocrats.”

Honorable Francis Fonseca- Leader of the Opposition


“Well, you know, the bottom line is that it’s an internal matter for the People’s United Party.”


“It’s actually a public matter, sir.”

Honorable Francis Fonseca- Leader of the Opposition

“No, it’s not a public matter. It’s an internal matter. We are dealing with that and you have heard from the leaders of the party today that we are dealing with it and we are committed to working together moving forward. We will address that issue within our party and we are confident that we will be able to move forward as united as possible.”

The PUP Party Leader said that Briceno will not be sanctioned reiterating that the matter will be handled internally. For his part, Briceno seems to have changed his position as it relates to the Party Leader. Contrary to his sentiments in the recording, Briceno says he supports Fonseca.

Screen_Shot_2015-03-11_at_8.09.01_PMHonorable John Briceno- Orange Walk Central Area Representative

“I stand here as a proud member of the People’s United Party. I believe in the principles and the policies of the People’s United Party, and as a party supporter we have one leader. That leader is the Hon. Francis Fonseca. I support Francis Fonseca. I support his leadership. I’ve been working along with him and with members of the National Executive and also with other standard bearers. I want to make it abundantly clear that the enemy is not within us. The enemy is outside of the P.U.P.  We have one enemy and that is the United Democratic Party. We believe that this country needs the People’s United Party back in government. It is only when you have a P.U.P. government that you have true development…that we build schools, highways, we create jobs for people…not artificial jobs like what is being created right now. We create dignity for the Belizean people. “A few weeks ago a tape was made of a private conversation that I had with somebody that I trusted, somebody that I knew for decades, and never did I think that person would have betrayed my trust by recording what I was telling him privately. Yesterday I took out a short statement making it clear that I will not discuss what I said privately with those individuals. We need to look forward. We need to be able to organize the party. As the party leader said, there’s a lot of work to be done. There’s a lot of reorganization of the party. There’s a lot of energy that we need to bring back to the party. We are the party of hope, and it is only the People’s United Party that can bring hope, development and opportunity for the people of Belize. Thank you.” 

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