And amid the controversy that has risen following the release of the recording, the PUP also has expressed commitment to work more on regaining the people’s vote. In the most recent election on March 4th, the PUP sustained a big blow with only Orange Walk delivering a win, although not a solid one. When they emerged from the meeting today, Party Leader Francis Fonseca says that they feel very energetic, were in good spirits, and people spoke from the heart. Recommendations were made he says and they plan to follow up on these in the future.

fonsecaHonorable Francis Fonseca – PUP Party Leader

We looked at everything, obviously the issue of resources, the issue of organization, leadership, standard bearers and as I had said I think on the day after elections at my press briefing, everything is on the table. Everything was on the table for discussion so we feel very good about the discussion today. I think coming out of it we have a clearer sense of purpose and direction. I am very grateful for the outpouring of support that I have received from the joint meeting, of confidence in my leadership. So that really was the discussion today, and we move forward in a spirit of unity and with a sense of urgency because we understand that the Belizean people are looking at the People’s United Party. They want to see that we are making the right changes that we are making the right moves and I think we are all deeply, deeply committed to that to working together and that was the clear message coming out of the meeting today.”

This means Fonseca adds that they will be looking at every level of the party, the organization and structure of the party recognizing that there are issues they need to deal with immediately.

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