Screen_Shot_2015-03-16_at_7.57.59_PMEver since the country of Belize experienced a decrease in fuel prices the consumption has skyrocketed especially here in the North, home of the Sugar Industry. The demand for fuel has seen a drastic increase countrywide and tonight the news is not good as gas stations are rationing their supply in order to meet the demand of consumers.

The problem lies in the fact that currently fuel stocks are running low at the main depot in Belize City owned by PUMA as the tanker from Venezuela has experienced some setbacks and is yet to reach Belizean territory. PUMA, the importer of fuel has been struggling with its stock since last week and they too are controlling the rationing of fuel even at their service stations. In an attempt to supplement its fuel stock PUMA has had to resort to trucking in fuel supply over land from Central America.

This situation has led PUMA to ration fuel to all the oil companies who in turn has had to ration fuel to their service stations and commercial customers.

Some gas station owners have expressed concern over the situation as they claim they will run out of fuel before the tanker arrives. We understand that service stations all over the country have been experiencing shortages of fuel and have even run out of fuel.

It is believed that the situation should go back normal by Monday of next week as the tanker from Venezuela, which comes into the country every three weeks and is already four days late, is expected to arrive in the country over the weekend.

We will keep monitoring the situation.

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