Screen_Shot_2015-03-17_at_8.51.58_PMAnd while on the topic of the vehicle vendors at the parking area by Central Park, today Mayor Kevin Bernard added that there have been additional problems. Over the years there have been complaints about some of their behavior and according to the Mayor; even the police have had to be involved.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor Orange Walk Town

“These people have been informed and we have said these things before, the problem that we are having with these vehicle vendors is that they think they own the space around the park and they are totally wrong and I have one message for them is that you will be moved whether by choice of by force and that we are saying to them is that the park area is not going to be allowed for vending, the people of Orange Walk have said that to us while campaigning we want our park and the park is now renovated and there are other amenities that will be coming to the park shortly with the playing ground and other things these are for the kids, the park is for our family, and they will need to pay for the use of those spaces that is the position of this council, these people cannot come here and take free ride when they go to Belmopan and they go to take their vehicle to sale they have an area in Belmopan where they have to go they can’t go anywhere they want either, when they come here and want to dictate to this town what they want to do we can’t allow that to happen and when they go to Belmopan I understand it is ten dollars a day and they are refusing to pay a dollar a day here in Orange Walk, we were charging them a dollar a day and not one of them came in to pay so we said you know what this cannot continue we will stand our ground and I ask the people of Orange Walk to support eh council’s decision. These people have been gambling in the park we have had to send police over there sometimes and in fact I will go further in saying last year when the benches were put up some of them damaged the benches and so we can’t continue to allow these ignorant people to try and dictate to us at the council or to the people of Orange Walk what they want to do.”

We attempted to obtain comment from the vendors this morning but they refused to grant us any.

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