Screen_Shot_2015-03-17_at_8.52.07_PMFish begin to float on the New River. This phenomenon has been happening for years and there have been assumption that the cause may be as a result of some sort of chemical deposited into the river by a company along the river bank. It happens usually in and around the Easter season and people report seeing dead fish floating in the river and being washed to the river bank. Today, we got a call from San Estevan Village where we were told fishes are dying. We visited the area but by the time we got there, there was not much to see. Still, upon closer inspection and after we visited at least three different areas along the river that have been cleared, we came across at least ten fishes, big and small washed up to the river bank. It is a worrisome situation. One, despite the yearly occurrence, the cause has not been ascertained and two, persons living in communities along the river bank pick the fishes for their consumption, oblivious to the health dangers that may come with it.  Today residents in San Estevan spoke with us but refused to comment on camera. They did say though that yesterday evening large schools of fishes were swimming up river as if trying to escape something. A large group of villagers, we understand were at the river catching fishes. Some residents continued fishing this morning and by the time we arrived, the fishes were nowhere to be seen, except for several scattered along the river bank. According to residents, we wouldn’t find much because the river currents take the fish away. Some villagers said that it’s become an annual event and believe that the cause is the disposal of chemicals into the river by someone or a company. They noted also that this happens usually when the sugar crop starts. As we have mentioned, the cause is not clear but we do know that researchers from the Department of the Environment have taken water samples from the river. Residents say they expect another similar event to take place within two weeks. We will keep following this story.

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