Screen_Shot_2015-03-24_at_8.11.42_PMYesterday we told you about the thousands of standard six students that sat part one of the Primary School examinations in exam centers across the country. And while we showed you the statistics and experiences of the students who took the exam, a few glitches were encountered along the way. One of them was that a few students had reported to have the chicken pox on Friday. Accommodations were made for these ill students and on Monday more students turned up sick. And with part two of the exam slated for May, District Education Officer, Carla Alvarez says it is imperative for the administration to know about your child’s health status before exam day.

Carla Alvarez – District Education Officer

“They really need to be in tune and vigilant with what the students are going through if there is any foreseen illness or so on it needs to be reported to us as soon as possible because for example up to Friday we only had three children who ha chicken pox and obviously those children we have to isolate and we get one invigilator for those children and for us to get the information this morning that we have three more students, I mean it puts us in a bind because this year thing will be done a little bit different in terms of the student papers now comes with their name, with their ID, with their school name, the center number and all of that information is already on their paper and everything is there and for us to be told this morning we have three students that have chicken pox we have to isolate them, we had to pull out those booklet and find the school where they are and then get those booklets to them and so I really would want for parents and teachers to be more vigilant, I mean something like chicken pox doesn’t happen overnight and so we had a list up to Friday evening so for us to be told Monday morning we have three more cases that could have been avoided so these are thing that if we know ahead of time even if it is over the weekend Saturday or Sunday we know we inform the school and we find a way to work out these things before the actual exam time because I think all of these contributes towards the students nervousness because if they are set to sit an exam at one center and then suddenly becomes ill then they have to move them to another center, a new environment away from their friends all of that contributes to their nervousness so they need to be vigilant of that.”

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