Screen_Shot_2015-03-24_at_8.11.47_PMA few weeks ago we reported on the turn of event for the Northern Territorial Volunteers when Guatemalan authorities detained thirty seven of them at the mouth of the Sarstoon River at around four thirty on February 28th. The group had visited the southernmost part of the border to Gracias a Dios, paint the marker and install a plaque with the name Belize. They were taken to Livingston, Guatemala but later released on Sunday. The matter has stirred a lot of concern and saw the intervention of attorneys and even elected officials. However, the government has been slow to respond to the situation. The prime minister has himself criticized the group for what he deems as endangering those that went on the expedition under the guise of patriotism. So, the government has not responded in the way that the group would hope and even the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington said and we quote, “It is a sensitive dispute and we think that the least we can do to aggravate the situation the better and safer our people will be”. Today, the government remains unresponsive but the Northern Territorial Volunteers are not ready to forget the matter.

Giovanni De la Fuente – Leader, Northern Territorial Volunteers

“We are preparing to forward a document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and this document will shed new light on what actually occurred on that day an hopefully they will take a stand and come to realize that it is a travesty that occurred on that day and hopefully they take a look at it and it will shed a new light on what has been transpiring since.”

With government clearly not on their side, we asked De La Fuente just how far the group is willing to go as it relates to this matter.

Giovanni De la Fuente – Leader, Northern Territorial Volunteers

“I think we need to go as far as we can go and garner as much support as we can and work with the relevant officials as much as we can and when the pressure group grows and evolve and gets bigger and stronger then the relevant authorities will have to flow with the tide they can’t keep swimming upstream and they have to side with the Belizean people and so today it is an honor and a privilege for me to be here standing on this hill.”

The Northern Territorial Volunteers continue to gain support in Orange Walk.

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