Belize Workers Union members are not to receive a bonus or any dividends for the fiscal year 2014 from the Belize Sugar Industries. BSI issued a release in which they stated that based on the financial results and in line with the bonus policy they will not be paying any bonus to employees for the fiscal year 2014. In addition to that, no dividends were declared for the same year. Today we spoke with Chair of the BWU Ramiro Gongora who said that part of the information should have been issued since December last year but has only been announced this week.


Screen_Shot_2015-03-31_at_7.46.33_PMRamiro Gongora – Chairperson of the BWU

“Why it took so long for them to disclose something like this that should have been paid in December in regards to the additional bonus and we noticed that the dividends were not declared either in respect to fiscal 2014, I would say that the workers were really dissatisfied and didn’t expecting this since ASR took over that the benefits were just taken from the workers and employees from the factory and it is being unprecedented on how they are conducting their business at BSI.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“The last time you mentioned that BSI was not producing some financial records to proof that they can’t approve to pay some dividends or bonuses, is this same case at this time?”

Ramiro Gongora – Chairperson of the BWU

“Right this is the same case in regards to the requests from BWU, because we have requested if they see they are not declaring can’t we be shown on their figures why   dividend why to verify that they are doing below the threshold but their reply on their financial reports is in a Statutory form and it is Confidential but why would it be confidential to the beneficiaries of the 17%.”

Gongora says that since ASR took over the factory, the BWU has not received the financial report. The report was provided from since the early eighties and the last financial report received was in 2012. The report had helped the BWU negotiate payments for bonuses and dividends until 2012. Gongora says the employees are still questioning the information released by the factory but what step the BWU will take under the circumstances will be decided by the membership.

Ramiro Gongora – Chairperson of the BWU

“We gonna concern with the membership and see what is their position and if they say to mandated us to sign in regards to that because if the financials are not provided how can we see that the additional bonus and we are not entitled to that additional bonus if we cannot get that financial report.”

The BWU hopes to meet with its membership within the coming week to take a course of action. The last time BWU members received dividends was in 2012.

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