We told you last night about the allegations that the plaque that was placed at the Gracias a Dios monument in Southern Belize has been removed. Who has done this is unknown and today we spoke with the President of the Northern Territorial Volunteers Giovanni De la Fuente on what the group’s reaction is. Here is what he responded.


Screen_Shot_2015-03-31_at_7.46.15_PMGiovanni De la Fuente

“I saw it on Facebook and then I saw it on a couple photographs and indeed the photograph at Gracias a Dios has been removed.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“What are your sentiments towards this, you guys went through an entire ordeal just to find that the mission was in the end somewhat of a failure it been removed?”

Giovanni De la Fuente

“No, I think the plaque has performed its purpose that it was placed and the Belizean people saw it and they know now of that monument but so sad that it has been removed, it is sad it indeed, we did fundraising and I feel for everybody that gave fifty cents and some people gave five dollars and all these people contributed for this plaque, it was very expensive and it was a beautiful plaque and all these people from Orange Walk I would like to tell them thank you very much for contributing for this plaque and it is a pity that we couldn’t do anything to prevent this removal.”

De la Fuente says they do not know who would go so far as to remove the plaque that was placed on Belizean soil. Perhaps the members of the Belize Defense Force who are at a stone’s throw away could shed some light, says De la Fuente.

Giovanni De la Fuente

“The BDF are not very far from this plaque and I don’t know who remove it but there is a lot of speculation but I could tell you that the people closest to the plaque are the BDF and I would like to hear word from them if they know anything about the removal of this plaque, about the last time they saw it and maybe they could shed some light on this.”

The removal of the plaque is not the only news reaching the group. Reports are too that the coconut trees that had been planted only two weeks ago at the border near Jalacte Village in Southern Belize have also been removed. De la Fuente says it’s a situation that demands perseverance despite the negativity thrown at the group and their efforts.


Giovanni De la Fuente

“Sometime I feel that it is like you try to keep the waves off the beach anything you do it gets uprooted, it is turned down, people criticize you and yes I have heard reports that the coconuts trees that a group of us went and planted at Halacte two weeks ago I have heard that those have been uprooted as well and I feel that it is overwhelming that you put something down it is turned down and you plant something it is uprooted and you get all kinds of feedback but I guess I just need to keep going.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Is that your plan just to keep ongoing with the movement?”

Giovanni De la Fuente

“Yeah, of course.”

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