So the Northern Territorial Volunteers says it is not backing down and the group is once again putting their commitment into action. The group has decided that on the third Saturday in May they will go on another expedition, this time to Garbutt Falls in Benque Viejo Del Carmen. De la Fuente says they are taking measures to ensure the expedition is well organized.

Screen_Shot_2015-03-31_at_7.46.15_PMGiovanni De la Fuente

“This next expedition is easy, you don’t have to get on no tractor, no trailer no boat and as a matter of fact yesterday we approach the ministry of national security and we requested from them an orientation of the area by the BDF and we also requested an escort from the BDF on the day of the expedition and so we have to give them time and see what their response will be and hopefully they will response positively and provide us with what we have requested but this areas is not a dangerous walk and should be fairly easy.”

The group’s executive has approached the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of National Security as mentioned by De la Fuente. They now await their response. But under the circumstances, and given the position of the government, we asked De la Fuente how those meetings went.

Giovanni De la Fuente

“The ministry of foreign affairs was very cordial with us and we had an extended talk with them and I left that meeting feeling well and the other encounter with the ministry of national security was very short and abrupt and we didn’t had much to discuss with them it was not a good communication going on but they received their letter and our request but hopefully they will respond positively.”

The location is about ten minutes’ walk from bus says De la Fuente. He says they hope that by then they will have met with BDF personnel for some orientation. This will be the fourth time that the group visits the monument. He adds that anyone can go on the expedition including the elderly. If interested, you can contact any member of the group. De la Fuente says they expect a huge turnout.

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