Screen_Shot_2015-04-01_at_7.41.34_PMThe Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture makes headway in the rice crisis. As we have been reporting, a business man has proposed to import rice from Guyana at a much cheaper price and which in turn would be sold at a far more comfortable price to the consumer. This has become a threat to the survival of the local rice producers across the country. In an effort to address the situation, the ministry has been meeting with rice producers to find the best solution to the problem since March 17th. Today the ministry issued a release in which it states that they have made some progress. Ministry officials met with rice producers today and agreed on three things. The first is that a draft revised standards for rice will be finalized in a month’s time. Second, government is requesting that producers now pre-pack all rice sold on the domestic market indicating origin, quantity and quality among other basic packaging requirements. This will be fully implemented within two months. Third, producers and the government officials have begun discussion on reducing the price of rice to consumers with particular emphasis on a reduced price for a more affordable grade of rice to the public. In addition to this, the release states that the necessary cost of production survey and other studies will be completed and a revised price structure will be finalized within one month.

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