Screen_Shot_2015-04-14_at_7.46.14_PMOver the weekend, the Bel Care Football Youth Academy in Orange Walk was launched signalling much needed sport events for the youths of town. The Academy is one being carried out countrywide thanks to Belizean/American Michael Lindo who lives in New York City. According to the organizer, Lindo has always been an avid football fan and while he is away in the US, his home country Belize has always remained in his heart. And in an effort to get the young ones into the football sport, Lindo has made a significant contribution in the form of equipment to schools and teams countrywide.

DEAN FLOWERS – Organizer, BelCare OW

“Mr. Lindo resides in New York or the past 54 years but he saw the need to do something positive for the children and the thought the best way to do this is through football so he dreamt of an academy and a such he went to one World Play Project and we were able to get 2350 of these balls that I have here in my hand which are funded by Chevrolet, which is the main sponsor of Manchester United and Belize has received 2350 of these balls and we have intentions to requisition more and we go from district to district launching these projects and we realize that there is greater demand for footballs and for the kids to play so the idea is to get the necessary resources put them in the hands of responsible coaches and just allow for children to play we are not concern about elite football at this point in time in our young stage of the academy we are concern about introducing our children to football and allowing them the opportunity to play have fun and recreate.”

CARLOS UMANA (tilde on the N) – Chairman, BelCare OW

“Thank all the parents and all the coaches that brought their kids out here today and I want to plea to the ones that are not here today to please contact me whenever so that ones you have signed with us then you can get the equipment.”

It is the hope that the Bel Care Football Youth Academy will be extended to all the districts in Belize.

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