The Orange Walk Town Council has a number of projects on hand and another important one is at the market area. Mayor Kevin Bernard says there is a need to reorganize the vendors at the market square and have begun meeting with them to achieve this.

Screen_Shot_2015-04-14_at_7.45.47_PMKevin Bernard - Mayor Of Orange Walk Town Council

“We want to start with the clothes vendors, those that sell on their tents to bring some type of uniformity in that area because we have some people that have five tents when and then we have some that have huge tents and we also want to create opportunities for others because it is not fair for one set of family to have six, seven business tents out there when you have others that want a business space at the market to be able to provide for their family that is the thing that we are trying to talk about some people might say that we are going after them but it is not that we are trying to  bring opportunity for others but at the same time we had to deal with the food first so we relocated them a bit so there are plans as you know, right now we have prepared the written proposal for the market expansion with the EU and to push forward and even if we don’t get that financing through the EU we are going to seek funding other way so the market expansion will get done within this term.”

Mayor Bernard stresses that while the work is still on its planning stage, it needs to begin with better coordinating of the vendors in the area and the council is trying to work smoothly with everyone.

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