One’s safety and that of his family are always a priority, and being properly informed on our rights and the rights of others is an important part of that. To help the public be better informed and to educate the community on various issues affecting our safety, the Orange Walk Coalition Committee along with the Orange Walk Police Formation personnel will be presenting a new show titled “We Gat Yoh Back, Coalition and Police”. The first episode of the show will be aired tonight. We spoke with the Chairman of the Orange Walk Coalition Committee, Armando Valdez who will also be a part of the panel in the first episode of the program tonight.

Screen_Shot_2015-04-14_at_7.45.36_PMArmando Valdez

“We’ll have a panel made up of Policemen officers and members of the coalition committee and we are going to be talking about different issues affecting our community right now and how to deal with it, what to do with it and also invite professional people like magistrates, Attorneys, Doctors, Nurses, Pastors, Priests and so on so that they can inform the people of what they can do, so that we can create a safer community in Orange Walk and that is the whole idea behind it.”

The panel will be addressing a number of issues that include Belizeans’ constitutional rights. They will also be addressing the many complaints made against the police.

Armando Valdez

“We need the people to know their constitutional rights, special events confronted by police officers and we have to know our rights and police have to learn to give and take with the people, if they want respect they have to give respect to the people and we need to respect each other as we live day by day in our community.”

The program will be airing twice a month commencing tonight. The show starts at eight in the night, immediately after the news and will run for one hour. The community members are asked to tune in and are welcomed to call in to express their concerns or make any inquiries.

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