noimageThe once quiet and secure village of Concepcion is seeing a rise in thefts and this morning thieves targeted the Roman Catholic School. According to teachers at the Concepcion RC School, with this incident, the school has been targeted twice leaving two students without their mode of transport. Today, we spoke to Teacher, Jose Ramirez via telephone.

JOSE RAMIREZ – Teacher, Concepcion RC

“A man from Caledonia came around and the idea was that she borrowed a bicycle we believe that from a family member that ha a child there in school and apparently she took the bike and he did not returned the bike, we understand that he is from Caledonia and so the family was contacted and they just mentioned that he ride up to Caledonia without the bicycle and when they asked him about it she just ignore the question and that is what the family says, this is the second time, just before we went on vacation we also had a similar incident by somebody taking a bike from the school compound.”

So far, their attempts at recovering the bicycle have been futile. The school plans on placing security measures to avoid any future thefts.

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