Screen_Shot_2015-04-14_at_7.46.39_PMAnother dog attack has been reported in Orange Walk. Following investigations by our news team, CTV3 News spoke with Lorenzo Carrillo, owner of the three Rottweiler dogs that are the center of the controversy. The incident is reported to have occurred sometime after eight last night when Carrillo was having a conversation with his family after dinner in his home in San Estevan Village. According to Carrillo, he and his family heard screams and went outside to investigate and when they went into their yard, they saw a man being attacked by one of their dogs. Carrillo says that he understands that minutes before, members of the church congregation who were attending a mass at the time had come out and were screaming in fear upon seeing that two of his dogs attacked a man who was camping in the back yard of an old building located adjacent Carrillo’s yard. Carrillo, who preferred to comment off camera, says he reacted quickly and jumped over his fence to get one of his dogs off the individual, who we understand in a foreigner who had set up camp next to his yard. What triggered the attack is still uncertain but the man sustained bites to his right arm, under his arm and to his right leg. The individual was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital for treatment. Carrillo adds that following the incident he went to the police station but was informed that it was his choice to either take the dogs into another location or put them to sleep. The Chairman of San Estevan, including the past Chairman, became involved and the suggestion was to get rid of the dogs. Carrillo says he does not object to this suggestion although he says that this was the first time that the dogs were that aggressive towards someone in the community. Police is aware of the incident but say that no official report has been made.

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