The convention for UDP Standard Bearer for Caribbean Shores in Belize City was set for June 7th but instead of an electoral battle between current UDP Area Representative for Caribbean Shores Santiago Castillo Junior and current Mayor for Belize City Darrel Bradley, the people of Caribbean Shores will witness an endorsement convention.

And it’s not Darrell Bradley that backed down. This morning Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development Santiago Castillo Junior announced that he will not contest the convention and was leaving the road free for Darrel Bradley. The announcement was made during a press conference held at the UDP Office in Belize City and we are sure that it caught many by surprise especially the constituents of Caribbean Shores since they were informed about Castillo’s decision as recently as last night via text message.

Screen_Shot_2015-04-16_at_8.04.44_PMSantiago Castillo- Caribbean Shores Area Representative

“So as to keep it from the Press, I did not informed my committee until after the news last night by text, it would have been impossible to call each and every one and it would have been up to right now so I send them a text informing them of my decision that is how I did it because the Prime Minister and I have discussed that I didn’t want news to get out prior to right now.”


“How are you certain that they are prepared to support Mayor Bradley?”

Santiago Castillo- Caribbean Shores Area Representative

“Simply because my committee supports me and if I support Mayor Bradley they will support me.”

Viewers might recall that during the two day budget debate a few weeks ago Castillo asked voters of Caribbean Shores to come out on June 7th and vote for him and to leave Bradley as Mayor. So why the sudden change of heart? It is all for the good of the UDP says Castillo.

Santiago Castillo- Caribbean Shores Area Representative

“Is a decision that took me a long time to make in fact as the Prime Minister indicated it was solely my decision, I called the Prime Minister on Tuesday afternoon to tell him about my decision and when I looked at everything that was on the board, the main reason I made this decision is because as he said, a convention in Caribbean Shores and I had a personal meeting with the Mayor this morning and I feel and I still feel that it would have been like a Manny Paquio/Mayweather fight and I told him that speaking of boxing but I was not prepared to put my party through that situation giving the People’s United Party the edge so to speak in that regard and that could have divided the party, it would have taken a long time to heal the wounds and so after discussing it with my family I felt that the noble thing to do was in fact step down and give the seat to Darrell, I do not regret having make the decision and I will support the Mayor Darrell Bradley unequivocally on his candidacy for Caribbean Shores.”

While some might be satisfied with the explanation given today others are dubious, after all Castillo had the Prime Minister on his side who openly declared his support for his cabinet colleague. So is there more than what is actually being told? Will Castillo be rewarded for, as he puts it, putting the party first? According to the P.M no rewards are coming Castillo’s way.

Honorable Dean Barrow- Prime Minister

“Honorable Castillo made the point in his remarks that he never approach a soul for anything both in terms of the convention that he won in Caribbean Shores and the general election, it was just his mother that provided the financial and moral support and his family as well in terms of the political health and one of the reasons in my view that Santy decided not to proceed was because while his mother was prepared to help him again, he felt that the costs to his mom was beginning to mount up that had to cause his to think twice and he was determined that he would not approach another soul for campaign financing, he made it plain to me he will never be behold to anyone so he is a different type of politician, all of us are beholden in some form or other in terms of that sort of pride he also employed that in saying to me that he is asking for nothing in terms of his decision that is the honest to Gods’ truth.”

Mayor Darrell Bradley will be endorsed on the 7th of June.

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