Residents of Guinea Grass have for years been clamouring for a stationed 24/7 police officer for the growing village but their cries have always fallen on deaf ears. If in the event of an emergency, the Chairman says he relies on his own resources to get help for his people.

Screen_Shot_2015-04-16_at_8.04.51_PMJOSE HERNANDEZ – Chairman, Guinea Grass

“The lack of police officer in the village it is an issue because there are sometimes that we have emergencies and we do not have an officer, I would not say it is the officers fault because they are under a command and if they are called out of the village to work on the Orange Walk Station well is not their fault so.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Hypothetically speaking suppose an emergency comes up and how do you guys goes to get help?”

JOSE HERNANDEZ – Chairman, Guinea Grass

“Normally when situations like arises, I go in my vehicle as the Chairman and I try to pacify whatever problem is going on.”

It is of note that the village does have a small police station outpost but rarely is an officer seen or found there when needed and so the residents of the community rely on the Orange Walk authorities for help.

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