As we reported in the second segment of the newscast by all accounts, the sugar crop is going well, and the new associations have been working well together. Well, we can say this is certain for the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association. We spoke with the Chairman of the CSCPA, Elvis Canul who says that they are enjoying a good working relationship with the other associations and BSI. The association has come far as they have held their first annual general meeting on April 12th. Canul says it was necessary to take that step to secure the association’s future. At the meeting the membership elected its official board of directors, were presented the bylaws, a strategic plan and budget. The membership also elected a surveillance committee that comprises of three members. So far the association has 342 registered members from Patchakan, Corozal Town, Louisville, Concepcion, Libertad, Progresso and San Narciso with a total of 91, 429 tons of sugar cane. Canul says they have been receiving favorable recognition within the industry and the communities.

Screen_Shot_2015-04-16_at_8.05.46_PMElvis Canul – Chairman, CSCPA

“We have been contacted by the government officials, we have been contacted by the different agricultural suppliers, they know that we are a new organization, and they want to work along with us, we have SIRDI, we have the ACPC at all different levels that have been very collaborative and sharing information so that we could get on board and have a good road to where we want to go.”

The group has been performing well at the mills too said Canul.

Elvis Canul – Chairman, CSCPA

“Our association is one test group so the delivery system was designed that there were 19 test groups and we have been working along with the three Associations, it is the very first time this is happening however, we have been running very smooth in the deliveries and I can proudly say that the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association is in 5th in quality of the 19th test groups. 1 – I would just like to congratulate my cane farmers that are on 5th on the board on quality and to keep up and congratulate them.”

Canul says that the group has every intention of applying for certification under Fairtrade and that process has already commenced.

Elvis Canul – Chairman, CSCPA

“We had our first general meeting, this was to make everything formal and this was one of the unconformities that we had because Fair Trade requires certain systems to be in place by the General Assembly and therefore we made a lot of achievements in the general meeting and this is all the process for the Fair Trade Certification, it is at its initial stage but I think we have accomplished the major setbacks that we had, we have removed that and we are looking towards certification at this time.”

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