Screen_Shot_2015-04-16_at_8.05.27_PMAnd while we had the opportunity to speak with the Chairman of Guinea Grass Village, we felt compelled to ask about the well fare and affairs of the community. With an ever increasing village population that keeps growing, the community has its fair share of difficulties. And despite not having any help from Central Government, the tightly –knit community bands together to make projects come to fruition for the village and residents.

JOSE HERNANDEZ – Chairman, Guinea Grass

“There is a lot of issues here in the village that needs attention and this village is big and as you might know the lack of resources or the finances we do not have that but thanks to the people that sponsors us and help us that they give a little here and a little there and that is how we carry our projects. This coming week we are going to start fencing our football field and as you can see it it is damaged because vehicles usually crossed the field but we want to start off fencing the football field, I already ordered the post and by next week we should be starting.”

It is of note that the Guinea Grass Village has an approximate population of over 4,000 residents.

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