noImageAvailableBelize was named again in the international news and it is nothing good. An article published by Scunthorpe Telegraph, indicates that twelve persons have been detained, some of whom will serve time for a selling counterfeit Viagra under the cover of a mail-order fishing tackle business and had made well over ten million pounds. The conspiracy was carried out in the United Kingdom where the ring sold the pills online and in person to customers across the world. By claiming to sell jewelry, fishing tackle and cosmetics, the group received payments electronically and laundered the proceeds through more than one hundred bank accounts.


The article states quote, “The court heard the conspiracy lasted eight years from 2004 and continued even after the gang was arrested on September 20, 2011, following an investigation by the drugs regulatory body, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory. When banks started to ask questions, the group opened accounts offshore in Belize and Panama. Some days back we had reported on a fraud by an individual who attempted to rig a lottery game. Reports said that filings suggest there was an attempt to claim the prize just hours before it was scheduled to expire by a company incorporated in Belize. These are only recent reports in which criminals use fake companies in Belize to channel drugs or launder money. Numerous reports have surfaced before these and only serve to mar the image of our beloved Jewel.

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