10169347_10153249011102302_7957775325441327842_nFootball fans rejoice! That is because the country’s premier striker, Deon McCaulay has returned to Belizean soil after a grand effort to fundraise for his return ticket was made possible by generous Belizeans home and abroad. For context, on Monday the Football Federation of Belize announced their position as it pertained to McCaulay playing for the National Team. The federation said that if McCaulay wanted to play with the team he would need to pay for his own transportation to get back from the US since he is ineligible by the rules to be brought using the federation’s money.


And while Deon is not signed with any international football club and is seriously cash strapped as an aspiring athlete, a group of people who form the Associations of Belize Concerned with Getting Deon Home banded together to start a dollar drive to get him in Belize. Well, their efforts worked and today Deon flew back to Belize from the US and was greeted by his family, friends and the media the PGIA.

The National team is scheduled to play against Dominican Republic football club in June of this year.


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