policeAn alleged abusive relationship in Corozal Town has left one resident recuperating from stab wounds at the Corozal Community Hospital. On Sunday around 9:00pm Corozal Police visited the Corozal Community Hospital where they saw 23 year old Leandro Botes, Belizean laborer of Altamira Area, Corozal Town, being treated for a stab wound to the lower left shoulder and bleeding profusely.

Fifteen minutes later, 38 year old Yeni Gomez, Botes’ common-law-wife, arrived at the Corozal Police Station drenched in blood and smelling of alcohol. In her report, Gomez stated that earlier that day, she and her common law husband along with their family and friends were socializing at the couple’s house drinking a few alcoholic beverages, when she and Botes ended in their private room and a misunderstanding erupted between both.


It is alleged that Botes broke an empty rum bottle and intended to stab Gomez. As a result, a struggle ensued but according to Gomez, Botes stabbed himself on his lower left shoulder with the piece of broken bottle. Gomez further claimed that this is not the first time she is being physically abused by her common law husband and as a consequence of that, she had made several reports to the Domestic Unit at the Corozal Police Station. Yeni Gomez complained of pain to her right hand and swollen face and was issued with a pair of medico form where a doctor certified her injuries as Harm. Meanwhile, Leandro Botes, who was transported to the KHMH, is listed in a critical condition. Police continue to investigate this domestic dispute.

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