n_imageThere has been much debate on the new Petrocaribe law which allows government to borrow and spend without seeking prior approval from the House of Representatives. Today, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize declared that in the hands of the NTUCB, the dissection and unfolding of Petro Caribe Law is only just beginning. In a release issued today, the NTUCB states that, “this new law flies in the face of ALL we stand for regarding the fiscal management of Belize’s resources”.

The NTUCB release continues saying that no law passed to facilitate loans should be in contravention of the Constitution and the Finance and Audit Act, nor should the Power of Parliament be used to confirm, validate and legitimize such violations. It goes on to state that the new law circumvents accountability and transparency – a tenet of NTUCB, reference good governance.

With that said, the NTUCB states that it will quote, “continue to work its machinery; void of the pressure elements within the media keep mounting, to get the Congress to lose focus on what the real issue is which to find out if the Petro Caribe Law is good for Belize?

For this reason the NTUCB has declared that it will continue to get support from its membership and supported by an education campaign, it will ensure that it can make an informed decision when called upon to take a stand on the Petro Caribe Law.

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