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Another case that Corozal Police have made progress in is the murder case of a Mexican national who was killed in San Victor Village on March first. Authorities believe they are much closer to ascertaining his identity following collaborative work with their Mexican counterparts.

Screen_Shot_2015-04-23_at_8.04.00_PMAndrew Ramirez

“This individual who was known within the village as Sergio Martinez regrettable was buried as a John Doe, fortunately we are getting some head way so to speak and the Mexican Embassy has been in contact with me where they have identified the individual as being Sergio Antonio Martinez Gomez born on June the 7th 1988 of Ejido Arematea Palenque in the state of Chiapas, Mexico, unfortunately the Embassy nor he family has any picture ID of this individual, during our primary investigation the scenes of crime Mr. Romeo Riverol had gotten three items that can be used as future DNA testing so based on that and with the permission given by my police headquarters I have been communicating with the Mexican Embassy in regards of having one of his relative submit themselves to a DNA where if it is match and confirm that it is indeed that person because the wish of the family is basically to have the body cremated and sent back to their home state where the person can be given a proper burial.”

Superintendent Ramirez says that while they are closer to identifying the deceased, the process is not going to be too easy or fast.

Andrew Ramirez

“The Mexican Embassy has indicated some form of; she we or should you guys do it, my professional opinion if the Mexican can assist then we will definitely assist in having the DNA sample that we have within our custody be release to them for them to do the necessary thing, have communicated to the director of forensic service Mr. David Henderson who will ensure that certain aspect is provided to the Mexicans gives the ok because the way I understand that our DNA is normally sent to Jamaica which is very costly for the government of Belize and if this person is identified properly then the officer of the Corozal commander will then apply to the ministry of health for permission to resume the body, of course they will need to be given a synopsis of the reason why want to assume a body because of health risk after we get that then we will apply to the magistrate for a warrant to assume a body, that itself takes a technical situation because to do examination the recommended period will be at night time, some people say midnight some say ten at night because we will have less public intervention, interference basically so that we look forward as I mentioned and we have been in contact with the councilor in charge who we could pass our email and up to yesterday she has been acknowledging all of my information so we are just waiting now that they guarantee us that they are willing to do the DNA for us then we will communicate with the director of forensic services to ensure that it is safe handed and then hopefully we get an answer  quick as possible.”

In the meantime police are still far from closing the case says Superintendent Ramirez. Evidence has been difficult to come by, especially since the residents of San Victor have not been cooperating with the police.

Andrew Ramirez

“During the Investigation when we went there was basically an uphill investigation, I had visited the area myself and not even me the people want to speak with, so if you don’t want to speak with the OC then I don’t expect that they want to speak with lower individuals we forcefully got s few statements but basically they are irrelevant statement because to solve any crime you need an eye witness and that if unfortunately a stall in relation to that but in regards to this murder at least we are more closing in as to the identity of that individual.”

Police continue to investigate the case.

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