no_imageResidents of Chan Pine Ridge gathered over the weekend for a community meeting in which they discussed the apparent sale of one of the village’s assets without prior consent from the village council. The PUP committee in the village along with the Chairman of the Village convened the meeting. After several inquiries to the Rural Development Officer Ruben Campos to clear up what happened with the water tank and the land it was located on and not receiving any response, some villagers along with the PUP committee organized the meeting. Chan Pine Ridge resident Damian Tzul told us more about what they have unearthed on the matter.

Damian Tzul

“Our investigation has reached so far because we had the service of the Attorney Mr. David Norales who has done an in-depth investigation in reference with land where the well and the tanks was brought down and at the end of the day we had reached to a conclusion that in 1994 which our investigation from lands according to the Attorney; the land was being purchased by the then Area Representative same Mr. Rubén Campos and according to the records was being put on WASA name which is now BWSL for $5,500 , however the said assets were donated by BSI in the name of Chan Pine Ridge village, the people of Chan Pine Ridge but what we are going to do according to the information is to pass to the people that this issue will go through the extent of the court because the people want justice, the people want answer who sold the tank and by how much it was sold and where are the monies.”

There were additional concerns expressed by the community members says Tzul.

Damian Tzul

“Other issues that were being brought in the meeting was the application of the land where the Clinic sits now, a structure that was donated to the villagers, allegations is that that land was either sold or transferred to a UDP crony in the village but we are going to do a research and the Attorney has to take that case and see how it is true but it is allegations as I mentioned and the people want to know, actually we are going in-depth about that.”


Over a hundred villagers attended the meeting. It was also attended by Orange Walk Central Area Representative John Briceno and PUP Orange Walk East Josue Carballo.

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