policeCorozal police are seeking two individuals that have scammed a businessman out of thousands of dollars from his bank account. According to the report made by 43 year old business owner, Ravey Vasquez, on Friday afternoon around 2:18p.m he received a phone call from the Atlantic Bank Corozal Branch where they explained to him that a male person by the name of Hiron Manuel Aguirre was attempting to cash a cheque dated April 3rd. Authorities at the bank reported to Vasquez that the amount on the cheque of $2,200.00bcy appeared to have been written over numerous times and tampered with and did not carry his initials. Subsequently, Vasquez noted that a total of (3) other cheques were stolen from him and cashed at the Bank - two in the name of Rafael Noble who is an ex-employee of his and the other dated April 8th in the amount of $2,000.00bcy was in the name of Hiron Manuel Aquirre. A total of $7,000.00bcy was stolen from his account. Corozal Police are looking for the 2 individuals for the crime of theft but their efforts have been unsuccessful.

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