Screen_Shot_2015-05-06_at_8.01.23_PMThe Orange Walk Town Council has completed the pavement of Trinidad Street in town and will deliver on several more said Councilor in charge of infrastructure, Ian Cal. The pavement of Trinidad Street and two others that will follow were part of the first part of the street rehabilitation plans in the previous term said Cal.

Ian Cal – Councilor Orange Walk Town Council

“We decided to start the infrastructure work once again, Trinidad Street is the first one to be paved as you guys can see this is done manually and I must give kudos to the Street Works crew because this is hard work that these guys are doing here and so we should see this completed today and right after this we are moving into Mahogany and Sapodilla Street by the end of this week.”

The work is being done manually for now since the Council’s contractor is currently unavailable to finish the work. Cal says that the work done in this manner is solid.

Ian Cal – Councilor Orange Walk Town Council

“When the works done manually it get more material as you can see the tar that it gets ticker and then the granite is evenly spread out unlike the machine that it spread out the material thinner and you really need to give it the second coat as fast as possible so by it being done manually it last longer but as well it will need its second coat as well so we are looking to do that on all the streets as well but we still waiting on the contractor to come in as well for him to come and give a second coat to those streets as well and these once as well so they can last longer.”

When the streets are completed, Cal says they will proceed with streets that are in dire need of rehabilitation in the center of town. Guadalupe Street is also a priority for the council.

Ian Cal – Councilor Orange Walk Town Council

“We’re looking at areas like George Street and areas around the bakery and other streets that need urgent  attention and we are cognizant of the fact that we need to do it even if we have to do it manually we will do it and we are looking at the conditions of Guadalupe street and I would say it is very ugly to drive on that street at this moment and we are looking at San Antonio road that they are working right now and we will have to find a way to address that street, we have a commitment with the committee  and  we will need to work more closely to see what we will do with that street even if the council have to do we will find a way to do it because it is an important artery of that area and I will give my commitment to all Orange Walkenos and so we will have to find a way to improve that street as soon as possible.”


The road works are being funded with tax monies collected by the council which has committed to investing these monies primarily on infrastructure.

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