francisWith the 2008 agreement amended and giving power to Guatemala to hold its referendum individually, the burning question tonight is how this will affect Belizeans when it is their time to vote for or against taking the claim to the International Court of Justice? The issue without a doubt is a sensitive one and whiles the populace is yet to react to the news of the agreement being amended to accommodate Guatemala, Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington has stated that Belizeans or the process should not be affected.

But what does the Opposition think about this latest move?  According to Party Leader Francis Fonseca, the Prime Minister informed him about the discussion taking place to amend the compromise to allow Guatemala to hold the referendum this year and Belize theirs at a later date. According to Fonseca he was informed that Minister Elrington would be holding further discussions on the matter and would then prepare a proper statement which would be issued to the Belizean people informing them about the situation and government’s position on the issue. The P.U.P says Fonseca would have also been informed about the outcome of the discussion before a final decision was made.

But none of that came true as Fonseca has stated on the record that to date he has not heard from Minister Elrington.

Fonseca added that in principle the party has no objection to the amendment to the compromise, but want it to be done in consultation with the Belizean people.

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