Screen_Shot_2015-05-18_at_8.23.58_PMIn 2012 when the People’s United Party won the Municipal Elections under the stewardship of Kevin Bernard, the council inherited old debts from the previous administration that amounted to almost $300 thousand dollars. Fast forward to today, the Council reports that it has been making strides to clear those inherited debts with banks and lending institutions.


Today, the council issued a press release stating that it has maintained a commitment of transparency and accountability in managing the affairs of the town. In the release the council states and we quote, “The OWTC has also implemented a policy of positive partnership and interaction with the residents we serve. Guided by that, Mayor Kevin Bernard and the Council are pleased and proud to provide an update on the results of prudential, responsible financial management by a team with integrity”, end quote.

Viewers may recall that in 2012 the council was faced with an un-serviced bank overdraft to the tune of almost $150,000, unpaid critical bills for $72,000 to the Social Security Board and $22,000 in Income Tax. The council says that those commitments are now up to date and have also paid out over $100 thousand dollars in gratuity to workers who have left the council. The Mayor says that the cleared bills could not have been possible without the continued partnership with the people of Orange Walk Town and together the council will work to continue the development of the town.

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