And upon meeting bail of $40,000 and after spending two nights in jail, the man of the hour, Efrain Alpuche emerged with his usual graceful stance and smile from the police station. Alpuche was first to meet bail and was greeted by his family. Outside the station he did not run away from the media instead he answered all our questions. Here is that exchange.

Screen_Shot_2015-05-20_at_8.24.51_PMEFRAIN ALPUCHE – Charged for Arson

“Well it’s good to be out after 48  hours and I really can’t say anything at this moment I don’t want to pressure the case and but it is good to be out and I don’t know what is case about no am innocent until proven guilty.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“It was both of you that were jointly charged but I just see you coming out?”

EFRAIN ALPUCHE – Charged for Arson

“No, well I got bail first and I manage to get bail but they are working on Mr Vasquez’ bail as we speak.”


“Do you maintain your innocence in this?”

EFRAIN ALPUCHE – Charged for Arson

“Hell Yes, I am innocent until proven guilty and the treatment was good enough, it could have been worst.”

Both Alpuche and Saulito Vasquez were ordered to report to the Orange Walk Police Station each Wednesday of every week until their next court date and also ordered not to interfere with any of BSI/ASR personnel.

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