robberyIt was a relatively quiet holiday weekend as it pertains to crime in Orange Walk but early this morning things took a turn as opportunistic thieves targeted Correa’s Pawn Shop located on Queen Victoria Avenue, one block away from the Police station.

Reports are that authorities were on mobile patrol around 2:20 this morning when they saw two male persons by St. Peter’s Primary School, acting suspiciously. After the men observed the police mobile, they bolted from the area and immediately police set chase. The men were found hiding in an old abandoned cement house in the area. The men had in their possession a black bag which contained several pieces of jewellery and electronic devices.


Upon further inspection of the items, authorities observed that the tags on the items originated from Correa’s Pawn Shop. Police visited the location and observed that the burglar bar doors were wide open. They got in contact with the owner who then made an official report.

The men had in their possession a little over $14,000 worth in jewellery and electronic items. Police managed to recover most of the items and jointly arrested and charged Eric Perriot and a 16 year old minor for burglary while 19 year old Alini Mendoza from a Dunn Street address was arrested and charged for handling stolen goods.

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