Screen_Shot_2015-06-02_at_7.52.08_PMThe 2015 Hurricane Season got off on a wet note and today the downpours continued throughout Belize and in Orange Walk it was no exception. The downpours have put to the test the newly rehabilitated Philip Goldson Highway and already there are problems arising. This includes flooding due to uneven or haphazard construction. A few weeks ago Bethia’s Lane, one of the town’s most trafficked streets, was flooded causing quite a mess for the homes and businesses that occupy that area. In an effort to address the many concerns, the Town Council had to evaluate the problem. Mayor Kevin Bernard says they are cleaning up the mess left behind by the contractor of the rehabilitation project….


“Thinking that it was one of the culverts that was damaged, we had gone in and replace that culvert and everything, that was fixed, we also saw that down on slaughter house street there was a private landowner that put in small culverts in the drain where the water actually flows and the council had gone to remove it, today we had a heavy down pour again and the same problem we had businesses that were flooded; we had the tacos lady and I think the labor office also under water, the Tijuana bar and I think the pawn shop and thee areas was also under water and we knew then that it was not culvert so there is another problem, we went to check first of all at slaughter house street and we saw that the gentle man had put back the same small culvert but just to find out later on because we further did some checks that it wasn’t really the major issue, the issue that caused that problem was the drain that was built that was off connecting with the Queen Vitoria avenue and I think it was built up way to RK’s, they left all the lumber an all the plywood in the drain and so that clogged the drain and didn’t allow the water to really flow so the water was just raising above the street level and then going into the people’s yard because we have never ever had these types of issues in that area any at all so we were wondering what could have cause it and it could only been caused after that project had gone into their work because that is when the problem started to arise.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Then you mentioned that you guys cleared it up now we shouldn’t expect any flooding in that area?”


“Right, we have now identified what the problem was so we have gone in and did that and I want to speak to the contractor because I want to ask him that he need to follow their workers because if they are doing these types of bad jobs then they are creating a problem for the town council because at the end of the day when those work have been completed the council ends up now bearing the problem because we have to address the problem would they have done proper supervision then they would have realized that these things were left in the drain and I understand that they have another area in Queen Victoria Avenue that also has plywood and lumber all over left in the drain so we are doing tomorrow an entire check of all those drains that were built.”

Mayor Bernard says that there are other areas that also need urgent attention and this time he is counting on the contractor to go back and make the necessary repairs and adjustments.

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