2015-06-07_12.08.02Popular Disk Jockey and promoter Fernando Sanchez, better known as “Big Sanch” has made a donation to the Orange Walk Cancer Support Group. Following the eighties and nineties dance organized by Sanchez, he bought a self-powered speaker and handed it over to the cancer group. Today the president of the group, Badra Coleman said the donation goes a long way in assisting the group in achieving its goals.

Badra Coleman- President Orange Walk Cancer Support Group

“Whenever we have functions with workshops that are educational or church services or things that we want to inform a group we usually have to rent the system so this will be able for us to have our own and save that money and I am grateful to Fernando Sanchez and all those who supported that dance because it will benefit us greatly.  What happens is that one of our goals is to educate the community on early detection so we usually hold workshops at different areas and we have to borrow a system.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“So this makes it all easier for you to achieve your objective?”

Badra Coleman- President Orange Walk Cancer Support Group

“Yes, because we usually have to rent and so we are saving that rent money now because we have our own.”

The group is forty members strong.

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