1._pseYesterday the Ministry of Education released the preliminary results of the 2015 Primary School Examination. Among the top performers for this year were six students from the north. Tonight we take a look at the results of each individual subject and note that there were improvements in the results of Mathematics and Social Studies.

When it comes to the subject of English the report released by the Ministry of Education shows that 73% of the students scored at the Adequate Level of Performance or better. This is about the same as in 2014, when 74% scored at the Adequate Level. The mean score for 2015 is in the adequate range at 57.2. In 2014 the average was 58.4.

In Math, a subject that has proven difficult for students in the past, the report reveals that approximately 37%, compared to 36% last year of students scored a Satisfactory Level of Performance or better. 2015 shows 4% increase in the number of candidates scoring an A as compared to 2014. Similar to the situation last year, while about 51% of students earned a grade D or better, of concern, is the approximate 49% of students who scored E’s meaning 49 and below in the Inadequate Grade Range.

In Social Studies, 63% of students earned a Satisfactory Level of Performance or better. This is up from 58% last year. 13% of the candidates scored an A which is an increase of 4%from 2014. The mean score of 62.6 is in the Satisfactory Grade Range and is also up from 60.8 from last year. The mode grade range of C indicates that most students scored a Satisfactory Level of Performance. The median score of 64 indicates that half the students were above and half below this score.

In Science, the mean score of 68.3 was in the Satisfactory Grade Range as was the case last year. The report suggests that the largest number of students scored at the excellent range. Similar to last year, 72% of the students earned a grade C or better while half the students scored above 70% and half below.

These results show that national mean performance by subject on PSE has remained more or less stable over the last ten years with a slight upward trend in each subject.  In order to increase the level of performance of student s the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports is about to launch the Education Quality Improvement Project with an IDB loan of some BZ$20 million dollars that will focus on improving the teaching of English, Mathematics and Science in schools across the country. The project also looks to strengthen the pre-service training of teachers. In tomorrow’s newscast we will take a look at the national scores compared to other years.

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