11401504_916649208376576_6302905322476798835_nThe death of eighteen year old Hilberto Sotz has sparked the ire of islander on Caye Caulker and has also brought the police department under more scrutiny. In response to the event that have unfolded, the Belize Youth Movement, the youth arm of the People’s United Party, has issued a press release condemning the events that led to the death of the teenager.

BYM states that it stands in solidarity with the Caye Caulker community, calling for an objective and thorough investigation into the unexplained death of the youth. The release goes on and we quote, ‘The Police’s account of what occurred does not hold when compared with the accounts of the local residents.

The Police’s account makes no mention of alleged bruises on the teenager’s body, and while authorities claim that the young man died after experiencing respiratory problems, his family vouches that he had no such medical complication. Furthermore, the official’s report that the teenager passed away at the local health center have been disputed by witnesses who saw the lifeless body moved from the Police Station to the health centre on Monday evening’, end of quote.

The BYM states too that police have a responsibility to respect Belizean’s fundamental rights, even those suspected of wrongdoing. It goes further to state that there are too many reports against the police which have gone unsolved showing the police’s “incapable of providing the necessary answers”. The BYM therefore calls on the Attorney General’s Ministry to lead this investigation as the Police cannot objectively investigate itself.

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