pupPeople United Party supporters and affiliates have taken to social media to express their discontent with reports that the PUP possibly will not be contesting the by-elections in Dangriga next month. The criticisms come from notable party supporter and elected representatives within the party. Here in Orange Walk, Mayor Kevin Bernard publicly expressed his shock and as he described it, “sense of disbelief” that the party is contemplating and perhaps deciding not to contest the elections.

According to the Orange Walk Mayor, and we quote, “Please tell me this isn’t so. If it is, then I need to respectfully ask if those making the decisions, or giving the advice, are doing so based on the will of the people or just the will of a few. If it is so, then I fear that we can be accused of being completely out of touch with the reality on the ground. If it is so, I fear we may have lost our way,” end of quote.

The Mayor goes on to say that the PUP is not a quitter but instead proudly serves the people in the best and worst of times. He calls for the decision to be reconsidered and use the elections as a platform to galvanize the people in all constituencies. Others have gone on social media stating that as far as their experience has shown, they have quote, “never known this great party going down without a fight. I was taught to campaign by the Father of this great party the late Right Hon George C. Price”.

Comments on the facebook pages also state that “a party has not failed until they fail to get up and keep going”. Just the same, other party supporters have stated that they are saddened and demoralized to hear the news and go as far as stating that quote, “If your excuse is choosing which battle to fight, and conserving resources, then you have no business in the political arena…If you do not contest this Dangriga Bi-election, I think you shouldn't contest the General Elections either! Abandon one seat, you abandon all,” end of quote.

Amid the comments the PUP supporters also raised the issue of Party Leader Francis Fonseca’s leadership and some have gone on record to state that he must step down to make way for a more avid leader.

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