The Primary School Examinations results are in as we have reported before Orange Walk has performed the best across the country followed by Corozal. Schools are in the process of analyzing their performance as is the Orange Walk District Education Center. District Education Manager Carla Alvarez says that these results are subject to change as each school goes over the results.

Screen_Shot_2015-06-11_at_8.14.29_PMCarla Alvarez – District Education Manager

“We are still within the time where schools can make protests and queries and so on that is why we keep on saying that this is just the preliminary reports because it could change, in past years we had experienced where it has changed for some school in terms of the number of points that some students get and so on but the preliminary analysis shows that as usual we have topped the country in terms of performing best overall and also we have performed the best in all subjects, I know that some principals feel a bit discourage that we did not meet the national top 25 list but as I mention to them and I keep on emphasizing we need to focus as a district more on the school performance and stop focusing on individual students yes it is good that we have students that they have done well and we need to applaud them and we need to showcase that they have done well but we need to focus on school overall performance and that is what interest me more than anything.”

The continued success of the district schools has been due to the collaborative work between schools and the education center. Alvarez says that while some are concerned that no student in the District managed to be in the top twenty-five performers in the country, what is more important is the performance as a school.

Carla Alvarez – District Education Manager

“I just want to congratulate all the hard working teachers, we do have a lot of hard working teachers and I have been receiving a couple of text and calls saying that we feel bad that we didn’t make the top 25 and I just want to reassure everybody that it is more importance the performance as school and as district than individual students and we cannot say because the child who topped comes from a specific school that that is well the best performing school because there are many factors involved so I think we did a good job an just hope that with every year we continue to improve.”


Alvarez says that following the full assessment of the PSE results for the district, the education center will keep working with schools and teachers for continued improvement in all subject areas.

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