As in other districts Math and English continue to be the more problematic subject areas for students sitting the Primary School Examinations in Orange Walk. This trend again presented itself as the district education center officials continue to analyze the preliminary results of the exams. District Education Manager Carla Alvarez says students continue to have difficulties scoring high grades in the problem solving section of the math exam.

Screen_Shot_2015-06-11_at_8.14.29_PMCarla Alvarez – District Education Manager

“Problem solving continues to be a problem and then it goes back to literacy, we need  to ensure that our students know how to read, they might know how to solve the problem but if they don’t know how to read the question because it is wordy questions so if they can’t read the problem they can’t solve the problem and what a lot of schools continue to do is that they continue to read out the problems to the students and when the time comes for PSE the teacher is not there to read the question so we need to really move away from things like that and again it goes back to the fact that we need as a district to work on literacy on the reading and building that foundation from the very early and putting our bet teachers and most qualified teachers at the lower division; teaching them how to read, teaching them fluency and proper pronunciation and things like that.”

It appears that this year, students averaged a little lower in math than in previous years. Another area where students continue to show weakness is Language arts, specifically the narrative writing. Students keep showing problems in that area annually says Alvarez and this, just like math, is an area which educators need to focus on to help students score better grades in the years ahead.

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