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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

There is still much controversy surrounding the death of eighteen year old Hilberto Sotz in Caye Caulker. The teen was killed while in police custody following his detention as police investigated a series of burglaries on the island. The Sotz family laid him to rest over the weekend but his father approached the media to express his hurt over what had happened to his son. Sturino Sotz told the media he had high hopes for his child as he has for all his children and is now left hurt over the way the family was robbed of his son’s future and dreams.

Screen_Shot_2015-06-15_at_7.56.47_PMSturino Sotz – Father of deceased

“I got hurt because due to what, I fight for my son, my father never does me this, he never supported me this way and that is why say I’ll give my heart for my son is, I have four of them and they are doing good in school, if they wouldn’t be doing good I would say I wouldn’t defend them but because I still have to help them anyway, but the thing is that Hilbert he told that he wanted to be a doctor and he also told that he will his best on what he can do, whenever I die he will take over his little brother and his mother and he told me no matter how my mother lash me he said but I love my mother because she is my mother, but dad he said I will do the best on my knowledge to fight for you guys and that is why I went to the bank and I asked for a help and thanks god the bank proceeded and they helped me, I didn’t went to borrow the money just to spend like that but to pay school fees and that is what it hurts me because I tried better for my son’s future but the police man just came and took my sons’ life for nothing, I don’t know what the government will think about this, if my son was on the street to be a gang bang I would agree with that too but my son is trying his best for school because he told us that he will defend us whenever we get old, as he does something he bring it to me, he shows me what he is doing and he gives me moral to push him more because I see what he is doing that is why I get hurt and the police man took my sons life for not a cost, no matter if my son commits a crime still they don’t have any rights to kill my son.”

Sotz said his son had left Ocean Academy and took up a job but after about a year, he came back to his father asking for another opportunity to go back to school. Sotz says he made a loan to finance his children’s education, including that of eighteen year old Hilberto and he worked two jobs to meet payments. The situation has left not only Caye Caulker residents in dismay over the use of power by the officers involved in the incident, but the entire country. Sotz said it is high time Belizeans fight for their rights to stop police abuse.

Sturino Sotz – Father of deceased

“I have to do two jobs; I have to run taxi, I have to do mason work and I have to dig sand, get a contract and make somebody work for me meanwhile I am running taxi and that is why I feel and it hurts me because I try for my children and then the police will just come and kill my son for nothing and I think that is wrong and that is why I don’t know what the government will do.”

Police have charged two of their own for the death of Hilberto Sotz and have placed three more police constables on interdiction. The entire staff at the Caye Caulker Police station has been changed but even so, Sotz father says more should be done.

Sturino Sotz – Father of deceased

“We are not paying tax to pay them and kill us but they supposed to protect us.”


“Sir, the comment has been made that it is unfortunate in which the manner your son passed away but he is being seemed someone as a hero because he was able to bring the community together to basically cry out against the ranks of the police, how do you feel about that?”

Sturino Sotz – Father of deceased

“I think that the community is right and it is time to rise and to stand up for their rights because right now I don’t know yes it is true without you tell the government what is happening he will not know but right now I make it know to the entire public that those officer are abusing their right, all those who were there at that moment when it happened, all of them know what is happening so all of them upholding the two officers to kill my son, so if I allow that I mean to say I business to get charge too because I am upholding the officer to kill the guy so what is my understand of myself the five of them supposed to be dealt as a murder.”

Eighteen year old Hilberto Sotz was laid to rest on Saturday afternoon. Funeral services were held at the Assembly of God’s church.

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