noimageThe Honduran football club, Honduras Progresso has its eyes set on two of Belize’s top football players. Reports are that directors of the team should be in Belize as of today to finalize the contracts with Woodrow West and Deon McCauley. Twenty-nine year old West is Belize’s national team’s goal keeper while twenty-seven year old Deon MaCauley plays forward and is presently holds Belize’s leading goal scorer in the recent games. The report was filed today on the web page of a radio station titled Diez.  According to that report, the Honduras Progresso President Elias Nazar has confirmed that the director would be in Belize today. CTV-3 contacted Executive Member of the FFB, Maroln Kuylen who told us they are aware of the situation but say the discussions are in the initial stages.

Malon Kuyleen – Executive Member of FFB

“Basically, I understand that Progresso, a Professional team from Honduras, are interested in Woodrowest and Deon Mccalley, at this point they are in negotiation with but that is all I know at this point, they not only affect the team in the sense that they both if they are successful in this contract would not be able to Camp with the national team because especially it is offseason right now we want to keep the team in the Camp full time but if they have to leave we would have them here but FIFA has an agreement with Clubs around the world that whenever there is an official match being played with a national team be it a friendly match or a tournament match the international has to release the player to come back to the country to play with the national team and it wouldn’t have any impact on the national team.”

The international press reports that Honduras Progresso had initially decided to not include foreign players on its team but soon changed that position as it seeks to increase its competitively.  The report goes on to add that the team is gearing up for the preseason starting June 29th under the National Coach Hector Castellon. Ten of the players are already on intense training and have been on the grind for over a month.

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