So, what do the players have to say about the possibility of being hired by the national football league of Honduras? This evening we spoke with one of the men Woodrow West who confirmed that he has been contacted about Honduras Progresso’s offer. West says he received a call two weeks ago while he trained with the Belize national team but says that despite the number of calls he has received, he has yet to make up his mind on signing with the club.

WestWoodrow_BelizeWoodrow West – Belize National Team Goalkeeper

“The guy that made the contact was Luis Cabrerra, he was a trainer here with the national team for Belize for six year I believe and he is training a team over there and he asked me if I want to go play in Honduras and I told him that it depends and he said that he has a team in Honduras to play which is Honduras Progresso and he made the coach contact me and he told that yes he wants me to go and play with the team and this is not try out but straight line up and I told his that it depends on what they have to offer and so when I came up on Friday the boss from the club he called me personally and told me that he has made adjustment to play over there and he talked about money and we are negotiating up to this point and he called me last night and they are coming to Belize today.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“So far, in that contract is it attractive enough for you to say you will sign up?”

Woodrow West – Belize National Team Goalkeeper

“No, not really we are negotiating and if he gives me what I want then I will sign up because I am looking forward for a long term playing outside because of what the national team has done we have qualified for the third round and being internationally will help me stay in good condition to compete at the highest level and will help my team.”

West says he is aware of the Honduran team’s interest in Deon McCauley but cannot say whether McCauley has accepted or intends to accept the contract. West is originally from Libertad Village in the Corozal District and begun his football career in Orange Walk with the Eagles football club.

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