blood_drive_4The San Pedro Belize Red Cross has been working with the Belize Blood Bank and medical professionals of Belize to improve the communication and process for Ambergris Caye residents to receive blood in time of need.  Blood drive coordinators in San Pedro say it is of upmost importance for all to recognize the necessity of the SPBRC blood drives on Ambergris Caye to keep a full supply of blood on hand at the Belize Blood Bank in Belize City. And in an effort to keep a healthy flow of blood in the bank, the committee is hosting yet another Blood Drive on Ambergris Caye. Sue Barkhouse is a member of the San Pedro Red Cross.


“We’ve been working with the Belize Blood Bank to increase the amount of blood supply because what is happening is we wanted to make sure that anybody from ambergris Caye whether you are a resident or a tourist, if you are going to have surgery or medical emergency or any medical need at all you would have blood allocated for you, in the past what has happened is people unfortunately if they needed blood won’t have blood readily available or they would have to replace any blood that they use so the idea of San Pedro Belize Red Cross got together to have regular quarterly blood drive so that we can have a blood supply available to anybody from Ambergris Cay so no matter if it was a surgery or medical emergency they would have blood on hand and there won’t be any pressure on the individual or family to replace that blood.”

The next blood drive will be on Saturday, June 27TH 2015, from 9:00am to 3:00pm at the San Pedro Polyclinic ll in recognition of World Blood Donor Day which is June 14th.

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