Yesterday the Government issued a press release where it announced that teachers are to be receiving an eight percent salary adjustment. Today, President of the Belize National Teacher’s Union Orange Walk Branch, Otilio Munoz told CTV-3 News that teachers need to be aware that the salary adjustment is not to be confused with a salary increase. In an interview with him this morning, Munoz clarified the difference between the salary increase that teachers should also be getting this year and the adjustment that has been approved by government.

Screen_Shot_2015-06-17_at_7.53.54_PMOtilio Munoz – President, BNTU O/W Branch

“The salary adjustment is to adjust the salary of the teachers to be in par with what we called the cost of living, to be in par with and the salary increment is based on your performance as a teacher and that is where the principal goes in a does your appraisal and then based on the apprisial and his recommendation then you are to get an increment, so this is where the problem lyes whenever let us say for example many teachers started to teach in September so they should be getting an increment for the whole year which supposed to have been approved already and recommended that you need to be getting an increment so you should be getting your increment plus yous salary adjustment so it is two things and that is what I want to ask teachers to ensure that when they get their pay they check with management that they look at the salary increment and the salary adjustment as well because of nature and money you need to check if your got both of them.”

Munoz says that the salary increments are reflected depending on the school management. Some are seen in September while others may take a while and be reflected until December but retroactive to September. The salary adjustment by government as agreed with the union under the Collective Bargaining Agreement is retroactive to April. The salary increases are a two percent annual increment which is given to public officers and teachers on the basis of merit.

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