noimageJoel Alfredo Pech, a Belizean laborer of Santa Clara Village in the Corozal District, has been charged for the crimes of attempted murder, harm, and aggravated assault. The charges were filed against him following investigations into a report made by his wife, thirty six year old Maria Pech. Pech told police that on Monday of this week, at about seven thirty in the night, she was cleaning some aluminum to sell while her husband was asleep inside their home when he woke up and began insulting her and when she tried to go inside he began threatening her and her children.

At that point, Pech says Joel came outside wielding a machete with which he lashed her on her left leg. The woman told police that she ran but he set chase after her, threw the machete at her but missed. She reports that things got worse when she returned home. Her husband came out and again set chase after her and when he caught up with her, he dragged her by her hair into the kitchen. It was then that he reportedly threw kerosene on her and tried to set her on fire. He managed to set her right forearm on fire but she responded quickly by washing off the fuel. Further charges are expected to be levied upon Pech who has been remanded to prison until his next court date.

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